Law Offices of Rifkin & Morgan


If you have been arrested and charged with a crime in Massachusetts, the most important decision you can make is deciding who will represent you in fighting against these charges, or in putting a halt to the investigation.

Having a criminal conviction on your record will have long-standing and devastating consequences for you and your family. You need an attorney like Patrick Morgan with a proven record of successfully defending his clients. During nearly two decades of practice Patrick Morgan has represented clients all over Massachusetts in all types of cases from OUI and assaults, to serious felonies, including drug crimes, gun crimes, homicide, fraud, sex crimes, domestic violence and embezzlement. He represents clients starting at arraignment and provides quality and caring representation recognizing the importance of a successful disposition to his clients and their families. His partner David Rifkin also has more than 35 years experience in criminal cases such as the above.

In most of these cases Rifkin & Morgan were able to use experience and knowledge of criminal law and procedures to gain a dismissal or reduction of the charges, negotiate a favorable outcome, or win a not-guilty verdict.

In a number of cases, Rifkin & Morgan were involved at such an early state of the investigation, the authorities were convinced not to charge his clients at all. We have also been particularly effective in representing clients at probation violations and restraining order violations.

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